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Dr. Tim Nebelung; FIFA Licenced Football Agent

Dr. Tim Nebelung

Dr. Tim Nebelung earned his doctorate in sports management at the German Sport University in Cologne. Since 2003, he earned the title of chief scout, and has been a player agent and sports director for several DFB-licensed player consulting agencies. In Germany, there are very few agents who have been active in the soccer realm longer than he has. After a burst in the women’s soccer scene in Germany, he found immediate success from various transfers, thanks to his internationally known network. From there, he founded his own women’s soccer agency on the belief that women’s soccer players need to have access to resources to be able to optimally promote themselves. His motto has always been “keep going” and “never give up.” Never. That’s the only way to achieve great things. 

Additionally, he is trained in “mental coaching”. He maintains that “You can train your body every day, but your head also needs training in order to handle all the stressors on and off the field. This too can be trained!”


Philine von Bargen

  • Chief Scout

  • Communications & Marketing (Master of Arts)

  • Back Office

  • Former professional player (SGS Essen and 1. FC Köln)

    Philine’s passion was and is women’s soccer. As a former Bundesliga player, she has built an extensive network. Since retiring, she now is a player scout. In her time as a professional, she has gained the following insights:


  • The first insight: I wouldn’t have turned pro without an agent.

  • The second insight: Without an agent, it is hardly feasible to stay successful or to get a top contract.

  • The third insight: A systematic career planning also means to have an eye on planning for “the career after the career”.

    As a communications expert, Philine also supports you in the areas of social media, press and public relations, and marketing.

Peter Schink

  • Players‘ Management

… soccer enthusiast since childhood, consultant in his professional life.

Peter studied social pedagogy, runs an event agency and has been a systemic consultant for many years. At 11friends, he coaches female players on their way to becoming professional soccer players and advises them on their personal development.

His motto: “Will beats talent. And that’s where I can guide you.”

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